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what they're saying..

Joanne and her team came to my house and spent the day cleaning out my closet. It was amazing. I ended up throwing away 6 garbage bags of clothes, shoes and purses that were old and worn. My closet is beautiful now and I actually enjoy getting dressed for the day and night. Everything is color coordinated and is easy to find. I have an entirely new perspective on getting dressed and feeling good about my choices. Joanne was knowledgeable and lovely. She had multiple tips and suggestions on things I could do to easily change and enhance my closet and drawers for example adding a shelf in my closet.  Becky - Pasadena 

I am so happy to have found Joanne and her team.  I was going through such a hard time in my life after my divorce where I felt cluttered at home and unattractive.  Wearing sweats on an everyday basis was becoming the norm.  Joanne and Nima came over and gave my closet a breath of fresh air.  They helped me organize everything so it was easily accessible. We also got rid of and donated items that I had been hoarding.   hey gave me tips on what are essentials and how to throw on something in a pinch and still look amazing!    They made me feel so comfortable during the entire process.  Michael - Brentwood 

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